Hi, I’m Julio. I’ve been a fan of computers and games since I was a kid. I started to play around my dad’s MS-DOS machine very young and since then I’ve always felt at home in front of a computer.

After my first job at a software company, which didn’t do things in the best way; I started to get interested in the best practices of software development, which lead me into the testing career, focusing in automation, as technical challenges have always been very enticing to me.

Some years later, I still work in testing. Currently employed as a Senior Software Engineer in Test at Oracle. And my passion still sits at making the best out of software. Not only interested in improving quality, but in software delivery and developer quality too.

I no longer find myself focused on finding individual bugs so much, I believe there’s more to benefit from in improving higher level processes of software development and testing. And that is my overarching goal.